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The Invisible Empire Strikes Back and the Rise of the Neo Coon



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This was written in Sanskrit 

On the walls of ancient halls

Find meaning in the meandering dreams

Of indentured servants serving the whims

Of the fortunate few

The dead die once

The coward dies daily

The living whistle past the graveyard

Conjuring heroes from dust and curses

Prophets see the end of time

Kiss the stranger called here and now

B*tch slap the past with an open hand

We cant even remember our African names

Mumbling nomenclatures and aliases

With a rappers bravado

Neo Coons pimp their bodies

Mental Ho's in designer clothes

Freeze with a deer in the headlights stare

Recycled Reincarnated Negroes imagine the same story

Told on the plantation

Told in store front churches

Its milk and honey in heaven

So shuck and jive on earth

No good ole days for sons of slaves

We don't remember

Simple sambos

Suffer from Dixie Astigmatism

Southern Blindness

Blind to Klanish idiosyncrasies

Neckties conceal nooses

We still suffer

Blinking to the light of whats right...

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Prowful Coalhouse! Always profoundly laying it out like it was and like it is; and how it will continue to be if we don't get black bottoms together and get to doing what are the right things to do to get our liberation assured. Right/Write on my Brother. ONE. Peace and Love.
Contest Winner  

Coalhouse says:

Thank you Brother

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