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An Unusual Situation



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an unusual situation
quite a situation for us to be
in transition
seated in the waiting area of this station in our lives
pleasantly chatting about anything and everything from
religion to electronics
politics to ebonics
and she smiled
knowing my limitations
knowing what was able to come forth from me
the residue
coming forth as poetry

I looked into her eyes
temporarily hypnotized for a moment
causing her to ask the same question twice
quite embarrassed
but she was quite nice about it
stating that she was
in transition 

And I 
replied that

was in the same position
just walking into the station a few minutes ago
offering to her a warm smile
said that she'd been waiting a while
and didn't mind the company
as long as

would agree to a thing or two
starting out with honesty
said that

would do the same
neither of us wanting to go back to where we once came
which was why we were both there
in transition
she said
while checking the clock overhead
that it was not quite time for us
to hand in our tickets and board the bus
taking us to our next destination
from this place of transition
our present condition
cloudy and uncertain as the weather outside
yesterday we laughed
the day before
we cried
not knowing each other in previous years
yet we laughed the same laugh
cried the same tears
and our conversation seemed to forever last
not realizing that hours have passed
while we sat in transition
checking the clock once again
wondering when the bus 
would arrive
and come for us
during a quiet moment in our transition
reached out and touched her hand
quite surprised
raising her eyes
I could see through her stare
no words spoken or announcement made
we were no longer in transition
the journey completed
we were
finally there


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Beautiful! Great flowing wordplay and allegorical messaging. Well canvased, Newphanter. ONE. Peace and Love.

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