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it smacked me upside my head
like a Muhammad Ali bee
and I turned around
about to open that can of
on whomever was in my immediate vicinity

I rubbed it
my eyes saw stars like

youthful summer camp nights
like endless Soul Train forms
a shot of lightning
like the right hand of fellowship to my noggin
offered by daddy
when I nodded off during long ago
Sunday morning church services

I looked above me
just dull grey ceiling tiles
looking down at my confused frame
stoic countenance
shrugged shoulders in unison
"nah, bruh...
that wasn't me.."

and there I sat
dazed and confused like Led Zeppelin
uneven guitar riffs rumbling through my brain
sounds of steel wheels
like the city subway I will board in about thirty minutes

and there I sat
word pad
on my computer screen

circling my inner thoughts like
wagon trains on the old Texas plains
waiting for the
bushwhacker ambush
coming down from the mountains
like August afternoon thunderstorms

it smacked me
dead upside my head

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love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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mlowe5 says:

Nice, Newpanther. Thus be an obedient awareness of the day. Yeah Bro, ah so it go. ONE. Peace and Love.

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