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moments after 
when the tears have dried
and I have put aside my emotions
setting them down in a nice glass jar
in the center of the living room coffee table
not forgetting where they are
when I need to refer back to the 
old me

if I need to black out
for a moment
and apologize profusely
for stepping out of my inner self

it don’t happen too often
being told
and also knowing truly
my fuse line is longer than that 
one lane highway 
across the Nevada desert
I know me
as I grow older
steady mirroring the personality of my daddy
patience level swaying in the wind
needing a moment
to dip my toe into the cool waters of the pool

I know how deep the damn water is
and so I find myself here
alone with 
the soft smooth touch of you
a tall glass of 
icy pineapple 1800 at my elbow
the sounds of 
Phyllis Hyman in my ear
have often kept me from being the lead topic of
primetime CNN 
and the 6:00 evening news
Al Sharpton
stuttering on the mic 
explaining that
we all ain't like him
I need you
When nothing else can stop the translations of thoughts 
at this moment
into actions I will not remember
and surely will regret

it is you who soothes me
assures me that
everything will be alright
when the last line is finished
the last word
surrounded by affectionate
and sometimes
nothing at all
naked and unafraid
I need you

I need you



my salvation


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love_supreme says:

Excellent write

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mlowe5 says:

So Mote IT Be. Salvation, indeed. ONE. Peace and Love.

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