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when you smiled
my mind would race back to 
grass so green
where all was calm 
and so serene
cloudless skies 
soft summer rain
trees with ripe fruit 
and fields of grain
where life was slow 
time stood still
when you smiled
you took me back to 

when you spoke 
wisdom dotting  
each and every line
in thunderstorms we shuttered 
but all was really fine
barefoot around the house 
we would gleefully play
from the rising of the sun 
until sunset ended the day
endless fruit from trees 
our bellies we would fill
when you spoke
it took me back to 

when you prayed
God cleared His calendar  
and kept it open for the day
He listened intently 
to every word you had to say
such eloquence spoken 
from wherever you happened to be
He always made your prayer 
His top priority 
Your confidence and trust
it was always in His will
when you prayed
it took me back to 

where you are at this moment 
a place no man can reach
this place imparted to us 
a faith 
you would daily teach
a small but beautiful place 
where you will now forever be
a paradise called
found in a corner of eternity

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mlowe5 says:

A profoundly beautiful tribute. Thanks for the beautiful share. To God be the glory! ONE. Peace and Love.

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