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bending low to the ground
aluminum dustpan in hand
brushing the last remnants of who you were
into the plastic trash bag
tied against the kitchen doorknob

just to be sure
under the kitchen sink
considering which cleaning agent would 
best remove the stink and stench of you
from my home
from my mind
from my life
knowing full well
6 a.m.
like clockwork
the sanitation trucks
they be comin’ around the mountain
beating my alarm clock to the punch

I gotta send a thank you note to the mayor
them sanitation trucks are always on time
to take away the things I no longer want
no longer need
no longer present to
clutter my life
attracting unwanted vermin and insects
keeping reminders of who you were
invading my pristine
antiseptically clean atmosphere
potentially getting me sick
unable to reach down
and scoop up the last of you
for tomorrow's sanitation pick up

and there you were
somehow passing Park Place
missing jail by a hair
not sure where you got 200 bucks to pass Go
finding me by chance
my metal ship
or iron
parked for a second
interrupting my enjoyable cruise around the board

calling out to me
I reached for my Lysol
but forgot I had used it all up 
all those years ago

wanting me to see your next in line
green colored lenses
but I don't do jealousy
like I don't do any pink or red inside my cheeseburgers and steaks

I so wanted to explain that
you should not be here

I dusted
lysoled you out of my life
carried away I know not where
don't particularly care
like I don't particularly care for leftovers
such as you were trying so desperately to introduce to me
as a better version of who I am
and tried to be at the time
way back
when you were actually dust free
and a clean thing in my life

I smiled
and I bet you have no idea why

waving politely for a second
heading the opposite direction
you called out to me
spewing vile adjectives in this public space
and place
while the next in line
stood next to you
if he could borrow my dustpan
and large bottle of lysol
to make his own life

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jcf108 says:

Wow! This is so powerful and visual. Great write!
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Love the message in this beautiful sanitized canvassing flow; antiseptically inspiring! Great write. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE..

Breadcrumbs2021 says:

A clean sweep, don't forget to check the cob webs, if any sometimes lurking in the corner of a room, waiting on your attention.

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