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just different

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Here’s my confession

I’m not waiting on good intentions 

Those are IOU’s

I lack the patience for extensions 

Too serious for concessions 

Let’s get to the grit

I had a muffin this morning 

I’m supposed to be on a diet 

Stopped using profanity in 2019

I recently started swearing again 

Told my sister yesterday 

It feels like I’m regressing 

She laughed and reassured me 

I’m moving in the right direction 

Little does she know 

There’s skeletons behind 

Closed doors 

I confess 

I haven’t cheated on my best 

Used to lurk in secret 

Late nights on the creep 

Until I met the woman of my dreams 

Wait, this gets deep 

I was dedicated to meditating daily 

Not sure why I stopped 

Guess God stepped in 

When he speaks 

Everything falls 

Let me just say 

I’m not as bad as I seem

At 25 I got clean 

Not an addict 

Unless I count my addiction

To the partying 

Recently lost my childhood friend 

To fentanyl 

It doesn’t sound real

When I say it 

I forgot 

This is just the written 

Until I speak it into existence 

I confess 

That I push aside the thought of regret

My mom taught me better 

I admit

I’m more comfortable

With being upset 

Lost time when I tried 

To forget it 

Then it returned full circle 

Like double digits 

Mourning comes everyday 

At morning 

My tears clear my eyes 

The way the rain splits the clouds 

Resilience is a gift 

I’ll never throw in the towel 

I confess 

It’s not as easy as it seems 

I’m cut from an unbreakable cloth 

There’s no tearing at the seams 

I confess 

I feel fat in these jeans 

Don’t need a man to tell me 

Everyday I remind myself 

Today’s a new beginning 

No wonder I try ketogenic 

Just to be photogenic 

Is it clear 

I’m a woman

Of course I have fears

Then there’s the ugly truth 

We all want acceptance 

A sweet spot that lessens 

The everyday thought of 

Problems big and small 

Every word is a lesson 

Take this for what it is 

Either light hearted 

Or prophetic 


Written By:


Dez Sevena 

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Mingoao says:

Expertly communicated - Confession is good for the soul - But, if you are good with you, then, that's all that matters. -Much Peace.

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mlowe5 says:

Deep. Now comes self-forgiveness in the awareness of it all. One. Peace and Love.

Breadcrumbs2021 says:

I’m not waiting on good intentions Those are IOU’s I LOVE IT BEST LINE WRITTEN.

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TEEDUB815 says:

In life confessions may cause inflammatory conversations. The intent is to cleanse the heart, mind, and soul. Peace and Blessings

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