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just different

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Hey, where you are now, I feel more than you

can know;

In my life’s time, I too, have been there many times


Now in awareness, I learned that you have just to be

the real you;

Not endeavoring to be that other person that other person

that’s not true:-

If you can, please give me a few seconds of your time;

And I promise the following will not be entertaining rhymes:- 


Listen; stop wallowing in defecating negative thoughts of who you are;

Strive on to be that beautiful worthy being that God has created:-

The food that you consider worthless and thoughtlessly throw away,

Becomes a nourishing blessing for those garbaging for nourishment;

Thus, give God the praise, glory, and thanksgiving, for your worthiness:-


Flush down the negative thoughts of worthlessness and wipe away

Those negative thoughts;

Lay, sit and kneel not in darkness, but in the light and divine wisdom

And guidance of His love;

Hey—one more second—no longer be as a once lost wandering sheep;

You are young, beautiful, worthy, and gifted to be a successful rebirthed 

Lamb of His grace:-

Go now—live in this loving grace—and  be in labors of love for you

And to others;

Go now and be a worthy patron of His peace and indeed, always being

A reflector of His love:-


Once again, go and look into the mirror

And see love’s divine worthy beauty 

Reflecting back to you;

You can’t love others

Without loving self:-


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mlowe5 says:

Thanks. Much appreciated. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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