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just different

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In fantasy games of Satanic fun,

AI engages our children in killing joy:-

Screaming and laughing with pleasure,

Their NI soon becomes addicted to murder;

And there’s no remorse in the reality of daily life:-


Rather than providing our children

With needed divine wisdom and guidance,

We’ve given them to the engaging Chromebook;

Hoping its awesome hypnotizing-AI-mind-controlling

Will keep our children from nagging us for attention:-


Though somewhat liberated from physical slavery,

We’ve somehow become victims of mental slavery;

Forgetting that it takes a free mind to liberate the body:-

As a result, we’ve surrendered the minds of our kids to AI,

Instead of nourishing them with divine wisdom and guidance:- 


Rather than leaving our children to Chromebook fantasies,

We need to return to ancestral one-on-one homeschooling:-

We must mold gifted liberated minds in structured awareness;

Keeping them on track in physical, emotional, and spiritual growth:-

Indeed, while AI has its place, it cannot replace our God’s gifted NI.


Once more and again, let us not forget that our navel givers

Did more with less that we with more would have less to do;

Let’s ensure that our navel offsprings will likewise have less to do:-

Let us forever be in their lives footprinting the right way to go;

That when they become navel givers, they will be doing likewise:-


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Mingoao says:

Well said - Peace
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The Immortal Wize says:


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mlowe5 says:

Thank you, my Brother. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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mlowe5 says:

ONE. PEACE AND. LOVE. Thanks, my Brother.

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