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just different

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(Apropos Of Juxtaposed  Natures)


Beneath the quiet cerulean sky,

Spotted with flat puffy white clouds

I cruised the long valley-like roadway,

Bordered on each side by beautiful

Palisades of monumental sage trees:-


These sage trees reflected their hued

Green, yellow, orange, red, and brown tints

That rainbowed the palisaded borders of the roadway

That so beautifully runs through this sage tree valley:-


What an irony that this amazingly quiet

Canvassing of nature’s glorious beauty, 

Veils juxtaposed rustic ugliness of a frail

Perplexed nation, falsely echoing itself

As a beautiful land of the brave and free:


A nation, falsely echoing itself as a land

In which all are born free and endowed

Within its borders, life, liberty, justice

And the pursuit of hope’s happiness:-


May nature’s uplifting rendering of beauty

Continue to fuel us in our struggle spiritually

To dismantle this country’s bigoted self-defense

Juxtaposed disposition of its racist rendering

Of injustice and meager piecemeal justice:-


Indeed, in the coming beauty of summer’s warming, 

Let us not be under-heated in our daily ongoings

Of the melting of the cold atrocities seeking to

Ice-block our momentous journey along

Freedom’s road towards true liberation:- 


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mlowe5 says:

We may only be able to monitor Nature; but we can change human nature. Thanks. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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