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long distance

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They are the fruits

of our sown seeds

in the womb of life;


They are the footstepped

followers of today’s times

and its challenges;


They are  precious gifts

that our Creator’s love

has given us to cherish;


They are the navel travelers

whose pathway we must palisade

with love’s wisdom and guidance:-


Let us daily remind them

God has worthily gifted them

To overcome life’s challenges:-


Let us daily remind them

In the challenges of life,

“Don’t be sorry; be aware:-”


Let’s daily African Proverb them:

“To not know is bad;

To not wish to know is worst:-”


Let us daily aware them:

NI and divine wisdom seek liberty;

That AI can deviously stream shackling:-


Remember, they are our heirs;

The blessed liberators we’ve waited for

To ensure our eyes’ the mountaintop prize:-


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mlowe5 says:

Thanks. Thus, be our children. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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