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American Winter



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The haunting has begun

A cold wind knocking at the door of part time partisans

The last war has been fought

Toy soldiers rot in peace

The smiling corpses of consumers 

Make America a cash and carry society

The I's have it the we's don't

All of us whores to credit scores

Happiness is a quarter million dollar jail cell

You call home

Buy the body you see in a magazine

Lease a lifestyle with no money down

Send in the clowns


Carnival with borders

Law and order

Police the poor

Season their sorrow with pepper spray and probable cause

America the just cause

Haunt reservations and plantations

The ghost of Christmas past bears the gift that keeps on giving

Our fears wrapped in box and bow

Imagine the suprise of phonys and one-trick ponies

To get something for nothing

Lets wear cliche's like negligees with barely there malice

350 million vampires for hire 

Plasma junkies who needle pop propaganda

Democratic deviants find delight in the middle of the night

When sirens wail and its pu$$y for sale

This is your America

The master plan for stolen land

Dreamers Schemers and miscreants

Doing time inside the patriotic penitentary

Doing a life sentence in America....


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mlowe5 says:

A well canvased truth, Coalhouse. America!...As cold as hell is hot! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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