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lightness in the dark
If you're reading this you're it, get with it stay with it don't quit.

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I'm Inside



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I don't think I'll ever fall in love again and hope love don't ever fall in on me again healing from past injury but can't stop the bleeding from puncturing the main artery it's difficult to feel whole upon losing the biggest part of me feels like I'm missing the heart in me in too much shock to feel the beat the only refuge is sleeping that's worries sanctuary it's been a long time I blame it on the mindset every time I bury the past it bring it back to life again it's like ghost scatter when I turn on the light how can I fear death when I always feel like I already died I'm outside all the time front yard backyard more than one way to go out doors the garage is a good place to hide in to stretch a creative mind deepen the depth of the deepest consciousness closed off from the whole of the environment

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mlowe5 says:

Yet, ironically, there's still the outside of the inside, outside of what roams inside. Nice write. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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