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Though the sun no longer shines
I will make the best of of these times
making puddles in the potholes of my wounded heart
through gardens of storms and flooded mysery
names carved in stones where life use to be
inside my heart big enough for two to roam
where I'll be waiting for you when in Rome
into blueness I stare rain makes it easier to bare

clouds formed and suspended in mid air
all the mysteries and hidden secrets stars and stripes
red, blue and white the sun steps back in respect of night
some ones playin Marvin Gaye what's going on
no bodies listenin the war is on
where thunder burst in flairs of light
clapping loud like the cheers of a crowd

I perched on a stone in the cemetary of life
pondering wrongs that can never be right
signing the guestbook of wasted life
blood rushing through the soil beneath my feet
where the young lay down their lives
gunned down in the street
lifeless naked body not even a sheet
premature incomplete
bullets enter homes where little children sleep

though my pain makes we stronger
I plug my ears to the news I want to hear no longer
scattered shells from a AK
not far from where little feet run and play
my prayer is to fill the air with freshness
If but for one day send the rain to wash the pain and sadness away
showering the remains of those blown away

from Sunday to sadder days for hoods they claim
on brick walls where they write their names
hoping these foolz have good aim
where name that caliber is a game
on land were they hold no deed nor claim
maimed on streets where they choose to bleed
let the rain wash away the blood stains & remains

staring out of a fogged up window of rittled pain
tracing the writing in the stars
12 consellation and the 13th serpent
when the angels cry and lightening rips across the sky
cover your head and run inside
tormented by the all seeing eye
the book is written in the sky from where they fell

His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky
fell into a beautiful garden where it all started
betrayal to the broken hearted
Elijah crouched down and prayed for rain
seeking a higher power to quench the firey flames
like London bridges the sky is falling down

this is the hour of power

Where flesh is devoured


Wize Dom  © 2009


Wize Dom  © 2009


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