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the melding

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The Melding

we make love tattoos
time and space
between, our two hearts
together as we lay
make love and play
each others parts
into each others eyes
and realize
after tonight, we very well may
never part
our bodies primed
we synchronize our oceans
move our mountains
phase our moons

adjust our tides just right

as we melt into
each others light and dark
till we reach past our peaks
climaxing in ways beyond emotions
as we catch ourselves
while locomotive breathing
see sawing, laughing wildly
on this tidal wave, we ride
steadily gazing intently
locked into each others eyes
holding on
to one another
as if for dear life
our kisses so hot, now
our bodies steaming
seems like
we're never ceasing
we both must be dreaming
sweet ecstasy
we arc and spark
fusing hearts
melding minds




Copyright ©2008 Charles Edward Fields 2


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