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Let a single kiss fall through the flesh and cracks of piled stress

Search for me not for I ly deeper than the surface of shallow lust and remnants of romantic features reflected upon starved affections

Love me on the levels of the ocean floor expanding and redefining the historical nature of given love with every micro quake

Let us steal breaths taken from moments placed in utter all to be called on as if spiritual puns were spat loosely from common short term recall

Let me touch where jagged years left behind scarlet memorials of taken innocence from your vulnerable ages and restore what once was beautifully painted across your warm nature

Together we will fade like light years in the universe's distance past no edge of time cliffed over the ocean views squared in the widened sight of visions pared by blinks of eyes

Two by two through the fame of mountains returned to you with equal measure= 4 ever yours

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