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1st Man

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Carried through generations
Killing brothers natural dispensation
Migrating to foreign destinations
Only to Find another 1st nation
Carried on tradition or primary volition
Auditioning to be history’s 1st revision
Diatribes are quoted as facts behind lies
Blood kept pure by familial vibe
Tribes lost in time and space collide
Heritage misplaced by shame and disgrace
Running races to be first in divine placement
Good books are read by illiterate equals
Duped into believing pictures replacing words
Spoken in languages other than native tongues
In seeming to matter when seeing their angle
Heathen repent becoming 2nd in class of citizens
Primarily shared throughout the commotion
Is a simple notion……

Love unconditionally is the 1st Man!!!!

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catmartan says:

Very Profound !

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2b2b2 says:


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