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Every morning since 9/11, I’ve woken up at 9:10, just to have an extra minute to escape reality in case tragedy strikes, and when I’m running from reality, I can expect to exert myself, and I’ll collapse round 9:59, and after my second wind, I’ll collapse again at 10:28, my heart will be placed at ground zero, buried in the ash of a nation of folks who expect me to kiss theywhen they feel I aint actin right, or rather when I’m saying the stuff they feel aint necessary, see I carry this burden as an artist to say what you scared to speak, cause since the first amendment guarantee my freedom of speech, then dammit I’m a use it, but if you feel like I abuse it, then I’ll just address everybody, Screw gays, lesbos, all undercover homos, blacks, s, African Americans, even though aint no such thing as an African American, we just some Africans that was brought over to America, to live in a country that don’t want us, so why the hell did they even bring us, whites, crackers, rednecks, wetbacks, Mexicans, women, es, hoes, sluts, tricks, men, dogs, jews and anyone I forgot, yeah you too, now, don’t expect an apology for anything I say, cause I know exactly what I’m sayin, and that why it kills me when these folks offer apologies to make some other group feel uplifted, cause you know damn well all those apologies scripted by PR reps, yet aint nothing changed bout they point of view, but damn a point of view, lemme me point to this false battle America has created, and even falsely debated, this war on drugs that they so call proclaim, cause they say that they aim is to stop all illegal border jumpers, and keep that coke south of the border, so they blowin my tax dollas, to pull over some cheapskate in a dark impala, bust open his trunk and side compartments, to hit a stash worth about 2,3, maybe even 4 million dollas in cash, and with that, they caught 1 hidin in the floorboard, now, that’s just part of this battle, cause the next part is stopping the human traffic, cameras, agents, bigfences, but one important part is missin, the human traffic they need to catch is already hear, and they located in Washington D.C.,which dont stand for District of Colombia, naw, it stand for dealing of coke, see they hope was that we wouldnt notice they crooked actions, so they try to keep us distracted with bombs blastin or watchin the Kardashians, and hell, that cooch done been bust open so many times, I wouldnt be surprised if they smuggling coke in that vagina, see them boys over there, they are the cartels, them boys in DC mane, they are the two biggest gangs, them GD's, Gangster Democrats and those ReBLOODlicans, who break it down and get those drugs to the Vice Lords and Crips, so from inner city Memphis to inner city Atlanta, they can ensure hammers stay cocked, so that s can drop, cause they got the majority brainwashed thinkin we they enemy that we need to kill, and they sittin back chillin playin lets make a deal, get these amount of s dead and we'll get more scrill, but one day, we all gone wake up, and as soon as we get ready to tear Washington DC up, boom, they'll just blow some more stuff up, and our minds will be out of focus once again, cause we'll be too busy wantin to stop

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