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vs. MAN

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I study this, eat this, breathe this, I fulfill requests for others when they cant find the words to do so, I have made items into couples, couples into lifelong partners, 100/100, no 50/50, cause I cant respect anyone just givin half of themselves, I have caused babies to be born out of similes that seem to me not that great, but to someone else, it was everything, and everything I put into this is worth more than me than any amount of change, I have written for change, whether it be in the world or how people should look at things, I don't waste my time to talk about a celebrity's life, unless its Lebron James, cause sometimes I ask folks the same question he's askin, 17 countries, three would tours, spittin next to HBO Def Jam poets, killed it for 5,000 plus and you still claimin I suck, so what the f*** did you do with your life, and 99% of folks just get quiet, cause they cant even touch my 1% percent, so I use that other 98% to laugh, and the remaining 1% to continue to walk my path, cause it don't take that much energy when you know what you doin, I have ruined the thoughts and hopes of others by them observing me, yet I tell them, you aint me and you aint supposed to be, concentrate on your own life and not mine, cause unless you payin my bills I really aint concerned bout your life, but please feel free to keep my name in your mouth cause while you gossipin on the couch, you keepin me relevant, keepin my paid, and if I wasn't a one woman man you'd be keepin me laid while you sit at home gettin in tune with yourself, tuning into those special programmed channels as you channel all of your energy into your hand and commence abuse on somethin so innocent, yet somethin that also aint put in no work, jerk by jerk, and I'll continue to be a quote on quote jerk, as long as I can make a crowd go bizerk I'm coo, I have been that dude since high school, I was just smart enough not to show it cause I had my own agenda and my own plan, I wasn't too concerned about being the man or the athletic jock, I was simply lookin at the clock and countin down the time to my grown man status, cause a lot of them boys are still on high school status til this day and we the same age, never growin up, always stuck in that fantasy life, see me, I want a wife, them cats want someone to chase after them, and their chances of overachieving in life are slim, because they cant see the big picture, so I'll let the mediocre continue to wanna be that , I'll just concentrate on being that man, cause its a big difference between the two, see if you can tell what it is

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