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I caught you stealing a peep at me from the other side of the room and I smiled brightly to myself because I felt like a rose fragile and delicate in the palm of your waiting hands.

My face felt flushed and the palm of my hands started to sweat because I could feel you reaching for the deepest part of my soul with one intimate glance.

I put the beauty on display that was given to me by the most high that had absolutely nothing to do with the make up on my face.
I lightly swept my hair aside that could have been blocking your view. I felt the intimate kisses in my imagination and the feel of your finger burning my lips from the fire you just traced.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, if you look inside with meaningful eyes they can tell all the secrets that we hold.
The sight of me must have reminded you of your very first kiss how you got butterflies in your stomach and your eyes filled with mist.

You look upon me like I am as precious as a baby’s smile with a joy for life that not been tampered with

Your eyes caress my skin like I am a priceless piece of art and like the knowing smile of Mona Lisa you looked straight into my heart.
They told me that you were a good man but you had seemingly lost your way, but with a good woman in your life you would conquer the world one day.

I actually saw our wedding day you in a tux with tails and me dressed in all white and that you would be my protector when we cuddled up at night.

Our union would be blessed because we both came into it by letting god lead our hearts, and as long as we kept him first we would finish everything that we start.

We would have a beautiful family life together full of laughter and lots of love, we would also share some pain in this life but it was nothing we should be scared of.

Was it a daydream or a premonition of the life we could have as we did this mental dance, but I was willing to give you my heart forever after taking one single glance


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