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Little Boy Secrets

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  I am a man who holds secrets like a little boy

I am a man who stands with his boys and stares at the breast of a pretty woman making crude comments or just winking my eye.

I am a man who puts his pants on one leg at a time and pulls them up tight or lets them hang low.

I am a man who goes to work at a dangerous job,

brings home the bacon, yet I can't seem to fry it up too,

but I am a man.

I am a man who can love you til your tears from the pleasure are no longer there.

I am a man, I am a man,

Who when I close that door at night, when I strip down till I am bare and naked only to myself,

when I look in the mirror, when I look in the mirror,

The cracks spider like a web revealing what the little boy secret is...

am I, am I,

Really a Man.


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ladypoet45 says:

Deep, but nice. I like it.

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