A Different Cut Of Fabric

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You know you were cut from a different cut of fabric and if you asked anyone else they could say the same thing but let’s step away from that for a moment because this story is going to get interesting. You woke up this morning and as far as you know it, the world did not exist until you opened your eyes. Everything is knew but the same issues that you had yesterday that you didn’t solve are still here today. Sometimes the only thing you can do is really let things go until you find a way to get it handled. Some things you can handle that day and just kill it or you can let it prolong and I used that word for the right reason. These words are lost to me but somewhere weaving between the words, I hope you see the analogy and the story of what could have been you or what could have been me today.

This story may look like it’s all about today but it’s really about tomorrow. About that unknown which we could recoil from or thrust ourselves into. But just as important as the thrust is how you do it or how you structure that morning movement. Meaning that how do you approach the day, do you blast off or cycle down. You have enemies to defeat today and that greatest enemy is you. You have to check that tailor because you are cut from a different fabric and you decide that design. And you can work off of multiple scenarios.

“If someone stabbed you in the back” – congratulations, you have a knife.
“Your friend turned on you” – great, you found out who your friends are.
“The day didn’t go just how you planned it.” – awesome, how are you going to plan tomorrow.

The important thing is that you realized that it’s not so much the things that happen to you but how prepared you are for what happens. You were missing some words today, there was some thread that was not in your arsenal and God or your spiritual source just gave you the insight. You are filled with insight and if your sight and the waking of your eyes, you saw something. As much as you want to dismiss it when you realize there is work to do, you know that something is pushing you to do it. You heard the call and if you deny the call, you are essentially denying your true self. You can fall back on old habits, wear your old clothes and try to make bold new moves.

You do know that we can see you. You are running the same old hustle with no new muscle. You didn’t eat from the tree of knowledge and tried to make your old words spit new knowledge. You thought you were prose with it, ran the words and gave a rose, the rose wilted and the words shrank and when everything was said and done there was nothing but the same old you and you knew better. E

You tried to revive the dead, prepare todays meal with day old bread. You thought you insulted us but you really insulted yourself because you received the word and didn’t act on it. You clapped your hands to your work and dust exploded from them. But you still want to be congratulated because you tried a new way, it was just using an old recipe.

You are the tailor of your life and as cliché as this sounds, you can’t tried my mind with the same sales pitch. Im not going to buy the same thing you tried to sell me last week unless you tell me something that I haven’t heard or put it in a way that I haven’t seen it. I mean that’s just keeping it real.

You need to hustle forward, put some muscle in your words and move that result. Take the world and look at it for what it really is, it’s yours. I’m glad you are reading this because you are just letting the clichés just run passed you. You had the solution before I started down this path with you. I bet you thought I was holding your hand and in reality you were holding mine. This is your world, I am just a participant in it. I need you to give me the word that will make your life great because you are the one that is supposed to sell me. You need to find that magic that will make me look at you differently but that all started when you woke up this morning. You either saw the world as a series of unfortunate events or you saw it as something more. You admitted that there was something that you didn’t know and then you acted on that.

My words are fading and yours are just being revealed. I can see the world building in you and I don’t think anyone is ready for what you are about to unleash today. You are magnificent. And this new outlook needs new words you fantastic manifestation of your direct connection to your source. You hit them with the new words and your spirit moved them. They could not lock on to what was the old you because there was nothing there for them to hold on to. They negative tried to reach out and grab but you pushed back and pushed through, made a statement with no words, you were powerful, you were God.

I have faith in you, get it. It was never about anyone else. It was always about you. So take responsibility for that situation that isn’t you. See the God for what it is and breakthrough, hear the word and then act on it. Use your connection tailor to weave a different kind of fabric. Because as much as you are a part of this world, you are far removed from it. You rise above and everything else is below the power of your words and action.

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