The Muse In The Gazebo

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wherefore are the words once had so many books lost and forgotten books a recording device listening in gathering details of life to some extent memories lie too the creative ability to go beyond planted seed forbidden to grow to succeed beneath the surface rooted in old information the first knowledge gained at first glance the substance of look changed the shape and outline of the calligraphy capturing that emotion that felt took for an entire life time the element of simplification huddled in a hovel reading a novel fallible along erroneous lines that defies categorization though it may prove fact the moment is not known to the light casting on the shadow dwelling on the wall engaging the force of knowing thyself to be true if it is not known then perhaps it is not to be known therefore it will remain unbeknown to the inner workings of the need to know in order to gain access to more information that must be known to scope out the situation to see through the entire operation other than need to basis how does it work answer the question how is it done answer the question "I don't Know" it flickers then vanish

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