8 Ways To Understand the Black Man (Level - Easy)

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Black Man: "I have an ego, sometimes you need to feed it." The one thing I will do is act tough because I want to seem strong most of the team. Actually all of the time. I dont need you to be baby me, but sometimes I need you to cater to me. Make me feel like a king and I will act like one.

Black Man: "I failed mind-reading school" I know there are some thing that you just want me to get but sometimes I cant read minds. Ok, let me keep it real. We cant read your mind at all so you need to tell us what is on your mind.

Black Man; "If you want to have sex, you can come out and ask for it." Aint no shame in your game. You have needs and so do I. If you want it, dont be afraid to ask for it. I wont.

Black Man: "Feed me" I get hungry and it is not all about just giving me food. It shows me that you want to nurture me. That way I can go out into the world and give it me all for me and you.

Black Man: "Please dont ransom the nookie" If we have a problem, lets talk about it but dont hold the nookie hostage.

Black Man: "We dont mind that you have feelings, but that cant be the only thing you have." Do you have goals, dreams, or ambitions. Dont have your life rest on my shoulders.Lets both go get it, feel me.

Black Man: "The longer Im with you, the nastier you should get." Not a lot to say there. There is no need for you to dial your sex game down. The longer we are together, the more you need to turn it up. Sometimes that is how we communicate to know that everything is all right.

Black Man: "I have common sense." That means that if I am doing something you dont like or hiding behind an excuse, you can choose to stay or leave. But I will keep making excuses. You can either choose to fight for what we have or leave. We know that you have limits too and you have to know your limitations.

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