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Who would've thought.......

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Who would have thought that when I met u that things would be like this. Who would have thought that u would b someone that I could miss. Some nights I dream that god brought u here 4 me but then I come 2 reality and realize that my luck doesn't come that easy. Love never seems 2 b free . Its as if u pay 4 each heartache that comes your way. Same drama different day and people say everything's going 2 b OK and what reason do we have 2 believe such a thing. When your around, u make my heart sing. Its crazy how u make my life worth while, each time u make me smile. At times I cant do nothing but say wow. I swear that its just not fair how much I tend 2 care. I don't know how 2 play this hand that I've been dealt, no matter how hard I wish I could change the way I felt; you still make me smile like a child running wild through a field of flowers chasing butterflies, and I cant help but ask myself why? Why do I let myself get attached 2 a heart that I could never have. She left you so damaged, forced u 2 loose all belief in whats real and whats fake- forced your heart 2 break 4 her sake. Thoughts of her keep u wake. I wish I could bandage all that damage, make u happy naturally. I cant make u forget, there's no need to try. I just keep my feelings inside and and never ask why, my need 2 keep my pride high and 2 not cry is all I can do for my hearts been used and abused. So many bruises within that all I can do is b that friend till the end.

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scash102 says:

No body pays for heart break but it damn sure comes freely and steady. I like this

underhiswings7 says:

Nice write. Very deep and passionate. Thanks for sharing!

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