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"Remembering space"

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I longed for your kiss...

Like mans first drink of water after being lost in a desert for 3 days

Just to imagine you for so long, and to finally have a moment...replays...

In my mind.. over and over and over again

I just wanna be close to you like clothes to your skin

You got me open and $#!t , but im too cold to admit

That if ever, if ever i get that moment again

I wont hold nothing back, just explode in the bliss

Honey you take me there...as ashamed as

I was..far too soon

You took me there and had me feeling like neil when he tap danced on the moon

I spoke in tongues to your body..in ways only you could understand

Willingly, and proudly without a need to command

Just to please you...and have you thankin me in the sweetest moans

In 3 different tones...had every bit of my my mind blown

A sexual high, so high up, i dont realize how high ive flown

In the act of being grown...if alone

Will i see the same stars on the ceiling ?

The same magnetic cosmic energy your touch had me feeling?

Or will i be far too ashamed to let it happen again?

I aint used to givin in..but for you ill ascend

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Wize Dom says:

This is well put together, so much depth.

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Number3 says:

very beautiful, Word up

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