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5 Minutes

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5 Minutes
Don't speak, just listen
I can only talk for five minutes
He told me I can only do this one time
So listen closely, I don't have that much time
First and foremost, I'm sorry I had to leave you
But I was in too much pain, so I really needed to
In and out the hospital, day in and day out
Was him telling me that I could no longer stay now
Because the mission that he set for me was accomplished
So it was time for me to come home, reap the rewards that he promised
The party was all planned, and my room wal all ready
Nothing left for him to do but to come and get me
So I really didn't a choice but to leave
Yet I knew that leaving you would be the hardest thing for me
I just want to let you know that I miss you
Not a minute goes by where I don't wanna hug and kiss you
And the kids too, please tell them that I miss them
I'm waiting for the day where I can be with you and with them
Until then, only thing we have are memories
So when you reminisce of me, don't cry tears of misery
Because where I was before, truly wasn't meant for me
So instead be happy, because I'm truly where I'm meant to be
Rememeber the good times that me and you shared
Because that will hold you down until you the day you get here
You see, where I'm at, no one there can imagine
I wish I could tell you, but word cannot fathom
Although it's wonderful, I can't fully enjoy it without you
That's why every day I talk to Him, it's about you
Yesterday He showed me the room that you will reside in
I'm gettin it ready for you right noe, I hop you like it
That reminds me, guess who I saw the other day
Our first daughter, when I seen her, didn't know what to say
Beautiful halo, and her wings were looking fly too
Can't believe how preety she is, look so much like you
Told her I would talk to you, she told me tell you hi too
And she'll get in touch with you when she get her five too
I see our kids grown so beautiful, man time flew
Wish I was there to see them grow in my eyes, You
Did a good job of raising them on your own
That's why I married you, everyone told me you were strong
Look at our oldest daughter, man she so grown
Tell her that I'm proud of her, and how she come along
Our second oldest, I see that she has it hard
Tell her that she'll make it through, cause she my shining star
My pride and joy, my boy, I see that he's now a man
Tell him to keep helping the Kingdom to expand
And look at our baby girl, look how much she grown up
Turning into a woman, man I miss them so much
Ok, time is running out, He about to cut my line off
So let me say this last thing before I have to sign off
Even though I'm in paradise, without all of you I'm lost
So I don't want you to ever think that you not in my thoughts
Thanks for loving all my strengths, accepting all my flaws
And being there to pick me up if I ever slipped and fall
Every day on all of your behalf, I talk you up to God
But I can only do so much, so please stay on your job
Promise that you won't rob, promise you won't kill
Or break the other 8 commandments, baby I'm for real
Tell the kids this too and make sure that they follow
Make them understand that no one promised tomorrow
That life is more than liqour bottles popping in the night scene
Tell them chase God's promises, not these worldly pipe dreams
No matter what you done, seek God to be wiped clean
Drive towards Him, keep Heaven in your high beams
Follow his instructions, do everything he told you
So you can be here with me, just like you're supposed to
Time's up, I'm sorry but I gotta leave
Just know that I love you, and I'm always watching over you...


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