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"Labor Pains: : I'd tell you this and Moore if you were here"

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You are a man before anything

Stand on principle

Make eye contact when you shake someone's hand

Be honest even when it hurts

Demand respect but be diligent in giving respect

Practice good hygiene

Be mindful of your heritage

Treat people the way you want to be treated

Lift the toilet seat to urinate and put it down when you're finished

Be slow to judge and quick to understand people's circumstance

Protect your mind body and spirit, watch what you feed them

Knowledge wisdom and understanding, son, are intuitive for survival

Look both ways before you cross the street

Don't grow up too fast but don't fear growth

Be sure and tie your shoes tight and double knot them so that you don't have to tie them again

Eat all of your food because there are some less fortunate who wish they had a meal

Love yourself and you'll be able to love others

Family matters the most

First impressions are vital

Walk with confidence it's embedded in your DNA

Appearance isn't everything but there's a standard of dress that we have

Stand by your word

Don't make it a habit of telling false truths

If you have the desire to do something you have the will to accomplish it DONT GIVE UP

Know how to cope with defeat but don't accept it

Don't burn your bridges because there's no telling what's on the other side

Know the law so that you can't be totally mistreated by the law

If you don't know it learn it because there's no telling if you'll need it later

Be self-reliant and things will come to you easily

Wash your hands after you use the rest room

Cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze

Believe that what goes around comes around it will assist with your judgement

Be courteous and kind

There is nothing wrong with you speaking to others and asking how they are doing because you never know their battle

Have morals, if it doesn't seem morally right then it's not

There is a reason why the sun rises and sets, be mindful of the world around you

You are a Moore protect the name and know the values

Your mother and I love you Moore than anything in the world

Seek out our descendants and allow them to shelter you

Rest peacefully Gregory Keith Moore III

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BITE says:


poems by this commentor


2b2b2 says:

Powerful, Powerful Share....Blessings

underhiswings7 says:

Wow. This piece had me rattled. One of the only pieces that has ever shook me in that way. Rest Peacefully Gregory Keith Moore II. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom, big bro.

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