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Double life is a life tucked underground

as a man I thought i had it good all around

didn't think God seen the sin i caused

because I was the king of the crowd


I had the game going down

had the hold you down wife

while at night snuck in the bed of the

mystery woman with the great hours

of boiling lust

I was the man women shouldn't trust

I was the devil twisting the mind of the woman

that was the freak at midnight women who I attacked


smile of deception putting myself in the list of deceiving


if i wanted to do a 180 i can falsely say i can

but know my identity as a man is in the sand

tiptoeing in the house with beer on my breath

holding my hand to my mouth

i need to tell my wife no doubt

but like majority of men honesty is for the good guys

i am not one

my father didn't bring me up like this

i got secrets under the covers i should admit

sliding up in the sheets crying silently

beaten at my own shame

God hope you hear my tears

start my soul into new material

give me your upliftness like i already know you

i'm not the man you made in your image

i'm disloyal a sinner a loser not a winner

i committed adultery can't believe the unsaved me

next morning you heard my prayer

when i was unaware

as i ate breakfast with my wife by my side

i didn't even look at her in the eye

i had my head down didn't dare to look at her

even with all my inside might

you whispered in my ear " go to the nearest church

and bow at the altar"

" really? you would save me in a church"?

i said to God didn't think being saved would happen

to me

he gave me a sign to that question

as i pulled up to a church miles away

God became my father on that day

it took me hours to be a responsible man and step

onto the steps and touch the kingdom of God doors

and walk the sinner with distasteful lust on my tongue

soul but i walked in and became a preacher man

i erased contact with the mistress i lost who i was when

i was with her

i made confessions to my wife in church in front of God

minutes later after shock she forgave me, kissed and hugged me

thank you God for setting the rotting soul free

and giving me the second chance with my wife Stephanie

Love you King!!!!

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2b2b2 says:

Beautiful piece....thanks for sharing!

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tiffanyr says:

I felt the need to write this poem to let the viewers read. Your welcome

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