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"Shattering Sin"

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Sin is a word hidden behind the throats of Christians and the world alike Individuals want to confess their sin but sin is ductaped over their mouth so it won't escape and get exposed to the Jesus light So it decide to blend in the night it don't want to get defeated by our fight Let's pick up the shattering sin display on glass and toss it to the ground so the devil could hear the sound Let him tremble to the next town Sin is like a dropped bomb on Earth it know how to damage families, reputation, souls, twisting of the mind When you confess your inexcusable sin through a pad and a pen you stepped in that ladder of your first win 8 more steps you can make that halo of a victory Drugs, alcohol, unforgiveness, sex, lust, masturbation, pornography is a side effect of the devil its a poison in itself Drink the cup you have like you sitting at the Last Supper with Jesus and his apostles Nothing can stop you You so spirit filled up you on a roll You so bold its like you on a holy ghost tour The old sin was back then What is it we did? "Shattering sin" is the end result we did

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underhiswings7 says:


2b2b2 says:

EXCELLENCE.....and much respect and admiration on consistently representing.....ONE

tiffanyr says:

Thanks for the comment underhiswings7

tiffanyr says:

@2b2b2 wow unique comment you gave I love it.

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