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'don't tell anyone about our lil secret'

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Face to face interactions slow reactions

That otherwise would've been drastic,

Horrific information being interpreted

From ear to ear, thumb to thumb

The chit chat when humans play the role

Of telephone telephone, answer the phone

And let's play on,

Elastic effect

Karma striking back,

What seemed a good idea now lodged

In your throat enclosed in a air scan

Filled with the tiniest volumes of guilt

Tiny but deadly, enough to dislodge

Your mind being till all you'll be seeing

makes no meaning

As life's spokes go round and round until they

Stab you in the back

As you did when you told him bout them.

Doesn't matter to him but the words spilled.

Now he has news for her and his friends.

Its a crazy cycle.

Goind round. And round

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