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"They" Changed ME

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My heart turned cold after putting my trust into so many hoes....maybe they hearts turned cold after putting their trust in me..

I never said I was perfect or never claimed to be....she never said she was perfect either..but in my eyes she claimed to be..

Her mistakes my mistakes they was the same to me..but see when she came to me..I was out there on that block dangerously..

How could I care for anything..I put my own life on the line..didn't care for doing time..girls texting they pregnant..first thought in my head..I reply..IT AIN'T MINE!!

Now what kind of woman would you be to fall for me??

Do you honestly see potential or are you truned on by the dawg in me??

When I was hurt she was hurt..I'm thinking how can that possibly be..If I didn't care about her..WHY DO SHE CARE ABOUT ME??

Never knew someone besides my mother could ever love me this much..When I leave she upset and all I hear when I walk out is her fuss.

She told me once..when I have a daughter of my own I would see how she feel..she said if somebody treated my daughter how I treated her..I would be ready to kill..

So it happen when it happened..I aint gone lie I dropped big tears..a little me it this world..damn bruh..this can't be real!! Being responsible for somebody else life..damn..I wasn't thinkin clear..

But she lil' 7 years old next year..all I fear is her meeting a knucklehead like I was..

Since she came out her mother's womb..I've been a changed man..When I left the streets they didn't understand..but it had to be understood that I had a daughter to raise..I didn't wanna be a Mr.NO GOOD..

Sometimes my baby hardheaded..but I guess you can blame me..

I aint gone lie her mama being pregnant with her and never giving up on WHAT CHANGED ME!!








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tjaigreen says:

Very introspective. Great poem.

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NeJay says:

Thank You!

hymnagen says:

Real tight, relatable piece of work

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