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"Elegant Woman"

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All natural from head to toe
I might have short hair, but I'm rocking it though
I might be a size 6, but I still fit in that dress that flow
I'm created from the author only I know 
Walking outside the house in a blouse with jeans
My God planted the spiritual glow 
in the place in my mind that turns intellectual once you see me
Yea I'm a library nerd combined with elegant sensitivity
Don't copy my creativity on your separate sheet of paper using your thoughts as a pen 
Dripping to create words which form
Into paragraphs
I erase drama like I erase words off a chalkboard
My taste in style is always new
Elegant is the word prepared just for me
I'm not confusing like an equation in chemistry
I'm just free in the wind
Going in my own direction
Fakeness appears nowhere in or out of me
I own the title of classy
I will always and forever be called that
"Elegant Woman"

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hymnagen says:

Empowering words!

tiffanyr says:

Thanks for the comment i will keep my poems empowering

mrmelody7 says:


tiffanyr says:

so rhythmic thanks for the comment mrmelody7

underhiswings7 says:


tiffanyr says:

Thanks underhiswings7.

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