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A Lust for Angel's

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Sunday evenings
out seducing angels
with my heavenly scented cologne
Seated right beside
with my claws on her halo
trying to convince now that I have her alone
Reluctant at first
because her father doesn't even know that she's
actually gone
A fallen beauty
ordering more shots of cranberry patron
In attempts to ease her mind
into the thoughts of being with a man charmingly unknown
The sacred hesitation
among divine conversations on our coming revelations
Talking about life and her desire to remain pure
out of the fear that her religious family might somehow disown
but after a while of spoken scriptures
we're kissing on each other
and taking pictures
as a darker side of her is finally shown
I knew she was good
but I knew this fire could burn deep enough to turn
Whispering in my ear
"Hey baby c'mon"
followed by a few unholy moans
and couple of my faith deceiving groans
Clipping her wings
walking out the side doors to leave
just as her sins cling
to the dark intentions of man lusting for a soul of his own
A hell of a life
driving past the church
smiling as she's tuning off her phone
No prayers
never telling anyone that she was invited back
to spend the night behind the light of the devil's home
Waking up monday morning
looking at the bed then out the window
as my search for spiritual pleasure goes on

Christopher L. Davis

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