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"Jackson" Short story i wrote.

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I'm wearing a black pencil skirt,white long sleeve shirt,black tie & my black red-bottom heels. Hair down. I'm sitting at my desk finishing up some work my boss gave me,Which he is fine a** hell and single i'll tap that a** anyday. So my boss jackson comes and leans on my desk an tells me can i stay late he needs me to work on a project. how late? really might take up to 5hours yes i'll stay late. Perfect! he walks off and i had to take a deep breath man oh man. So i'm like really excited to work on this project with jackson i can not even finsh my work. So 4pm came around an i walked down to his office and i'm thinking we gone work on a project together just me and him an this old bag sitting down,i'm like what the f*** in my head,but at the same time i showed a fake smile. So me,jackson & sharon went to the meeting room to discuss jackson's next move for his law firm, and help him make a few changes in his new ad. Me and sharon had a seat an jackson discussed his new plan, while talking the only thing i'm thinking about is jumping on him. Having wild wild sex!, I'm lusting like crazy at one point i started to slobe,but had to catch myself. So 9pm came around an it was time to go, i was mad as hell because i wanted to flirt with jackson, as we was getting up jackson told me to stay he wanted to discuss and go over something with me,ok was my response,sharon lefted her ride was waiting on her an jackson and I was the only ones in the office he tells me to have a sit. I rather stand. Jackson smiles and gets up an walks towards me,my body started shaking,but at the same time i'm thinking i'm about to f*** him so he kisses my lips, they were so soft i kissed back i would'nt dare turn down all of that. He picks me up and sits me down on his desk and gently spread my legs,i slowly took off his blazer then i unbutton his shirt. He pulls my skirt up and slowly took off my panties layed me back, ripped off my shirt than my bra, he grabs my breast and started squeezing & sucking them,while sucking my breast i loosen his belt and slid his pants down,he grabbed a hand full of my hair than went inside of me. He moved really slow by going up & down,while grabbing and kissing my neck he grabbed my waist slid me off the desk and turned me around and started f****** me from the back, while grabbing another hand full of my hair he talks to me. You like it? yesssss! tell me you like it! i like! say it again i likeeeeee ittt! i'm moaning his name jacksonnnn ahaahaaahhhh! i tell him to go harder, he grabs the front of my neck and started beating it,while grabbing my neck,breast,& hair he continues to beat my P**** he stops i turned around pushed him on the desk climbed on top of him and started bouncing on that d*** i had to show him he aint the only one who knows how to f***. So i started riding his d*** so good, stood up on it and started stroking it turned around & rode him backwards, while riding him backwards he slapps & grabs my a**. Moaning and biting his lips was the response he gave me.

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