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"My Lyrics i Spit"

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My lyrics i spit to let yall poets know i'm taking over Sh**t. I'll hit you with the truth then give you the boot. My words come strong anything i say isn't wrong. I admire fire when i see it, I'll admire you with i see it. My destiny is to get you to see, you'll never find a "Go Hard" poet like me. I ball up my fist to write so yall poets better get right. Tighten grips, shaking my hips, biting your lips. Riping tongues out, rookies trying to take me out. On a billboard, eviction I'm giving your landlord. Promotion to major General, I'm aiming towards the ruby, pass the unknown that poet that's gone be known. I'ma show you how I'm gonna do this Sh**t when i go pass it. Passionate when i speak, eyes red when i seek, peep this On cyber who wanna challenge me.


Copyright act,2014 (Shavon P.)

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YouKnowHD says:

Challenge, i don’t think you can manage. The damage might cost the planet. So don’t panic, i won’t plan it. “drops mic”

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