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Unknown Experience

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Tough decisions, blurred visions that I thought wouldn't last. Late night crying, depressions and expressions that I thought would past. Inexperienced in being a mother, Experienced carrying a child in my womb. Who are you to dig up these fumes. Not gas, but fire that could be started. Happiness slipped away. Distance I walked. Love I gave up. Trust I don't believe. Sad I am. Alone Iam. Scared iam. Say I want to find my way. I want to be happy again. Have a friend to the end. Smile and not be in denial. Have a beautiful a child. Have a house on the hill, late nights covered up with chills. Walking through mills. Mirrors face to face to feel feel my thrills. An American dream a bad team. My mean attitude. Lost, confused, content. The dent in my heart that hasn't been healed. Drowning on my sadness that hasn't been fulfilled. Where is my experience?

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Wize Dom says:

Oh wow! I do hope Guru spotlight this, I'm definitely going to share it...Keep On Flowing.

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Lyrics_poetry says:

Thanks love appreciate the feed back.

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