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9 months

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9 months gone for something that never occurred I guess nothing matter not even my word Going off of feelings instead of being logic Where we was heading was getting toxic I lost myself in you Crying and depressed thinking about what I am going to do I put you before me that was a first A foolish mistake because it only got worse I forgot about my happiness and my needs I was so wrapped up in your spell that I actually thought about having your seed Talking to others about our situation At the end it didn't make sense because we had many of complications For one your guard was always up Its not like I was always lying Shaking mygoing to the club I respected you I respected us But you didnt see that as a plus For two you had trust issues I'm pretty sure it would have continue I couldn't do nothing right I couldn't say anything right That's the part that hurts me the most I fell in love with someone who heart was a ghost Meaning it was never there I questioned myself and asked if you ever even cared 9months u had me 9months I was a priority 9months I had your back 9months of beautiful memories 1 night that took a change for the worse 5days of feeling like I was in hell 3 days to realize that I deserve better after all

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latin_lover says:

Excellent write.

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