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A Man At Wrest

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I miss that feeling desperately.

You know, when fascination

gives way to infatuation

and you find yourself impatiently

awaiting the next occasion

to be with her, although

you only parted moments ago?


I miss this so damned much:

That wrenching in the gut

that drives a brotha nuts

long before you even touch

her for the very first time.

Scenarios run through your mind

at every mention of her name,

and there’s no way to contain –

no matter how hard you try to restrain it –

that silly, wide-as-a-Texan-sky smile.

You know THAT feeling?

I ain’t had that in a while.


I know I’m playing a dangerous game

allowing my brain to entertain

such reminiscence,

but despite the valiant resistance

it still remains a persistent

whisperer in my ear –

wearing at my fortitude

when I struggle not just to appear

a good man, but to actually BE one…



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mrmelody7 says:

This poem has swag

hymnagen says:

Those are humbling words, sir. Thank you, brotha

lyrics_Poetry says:

I really like this poem. Good write.

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hymnagen says:

I appreciate the read and comment lyrics_Poetry.

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UnderHisWings7 says:

I agree with mrmelody7, absolute swag. You genius, you!

hymnagen says:


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