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*ROUGH DRAFT song 2 guitar

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Love iz not jealous, never does it boast.

My love adheres 2 her`s whenever we are close.

And even when we`re apart, near or far.

I keep her, keep her alive in my heart.


All tha tears fa years... WASTED.

Crying eyes lie behind lengthy blind,

shadows in tha pavement.


I been walked on,

told them mutha***azz 2 walk on-

Now tha shock gone-

straight kill`t that

with a 30-yacht 6 shotgun.


`bout that time, I was not done.

Tru love arrives once in a life-time, not seen to often.

Love is hard to barter so I captured minez

kn0 damn well it can`t b boughten-

found tha apple of my eye

while sortn thru tha seeds of tha rotten!


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