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" No Greater Love Than This "

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I AM, the mirrored image of love.                                                               So below as above in every way!                                                                Conceived from pure love, the spiritual one,                                           unquestionably eternal.

One whom laid down his life, so I could live.                                            And ask for nothing except to love all that's in him.                              Simplistic as it is.

Love those whom love you and whom love you not.                              For there is no greater love than this!                                                       Anyone can love whom loves them that comes easy,                           a choice to only except those whom please me!

Love whom you may, love is a gift, love is a choice,                               to love is from yourself you must give.                                                     Give when it is fashionable, give when your rejected still.

Love is beyond emotion, its a spirit that resides within.                        So nourish it, treasure it, yet know it belongs to you not.                     Love is God and God is pure his love endureth until the end of time. As does our love for one another if its spiritually refined!      

With all the gifts you'll ever get, there exsist none greater than this, "Love "!

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2b2b2 says:

Great Capture....thanks for sharing!

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