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Basking in the African sun.. I awoke

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5 Syllables to a better her . . .

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Let us not fool our. Escapades in lies. In light of our lies. Contributing to. Our stress, of self worth. Judgement. The seed sown. In trying to fit in. Be the same yet not. Knots in the stomach. Staring endlessly. The reflection is. As his, hers and they. Putting you down so. They. In light of your. Mistakes and choice. Is. Their believed. Power over you. Power to you to. Tell em "screw you and. . . You do you and I." No mirror no make-. Up. her esteem lights. Up her esteem lights. Smiling at the 'hey'. Point-blank and seeing through The murky waters.

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2b2b2 says:

Magnificent Work.....truly gifted pen...thanks for sharing!

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G.Moore says:

Yo! dope flow number 3!

Wize Dom says:

Most Excellent!

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Number3 says:

Thank you 2b2b2, G.Moore and last but not least WiZE daom, Word Up

UnderHisWings7 says:

Number3, My eyes, my mind, and my heart have all found pleasure in this poem.

Number3 says:

thank you UnderHisWings7, Word Up

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