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27 years later

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They never spoke of her

as though she never existed

but that could not be... for I am here

Breathing in and out

27 years of struggle

you may look for the physical scars

but on the surface I seem whole, put together

carrying the duties as a "law abiding citizen"

which is what exactly?

what does this mean when I have lost my identity

before I even knew that I had one

I had no say in the matter

as with everything else external factors depicted where I ended up

They never spoke of her

treated her as a vessel and nothing more

did they ever wonder how that would make me feel?

did they even care?

physical scars don't exist but these internal ones cut so deep

leaving me wondering who am I really?

told to never allow someone else to define me

but what if that very same person defies me

by not being truthful where it matters the most

the heart

years of asking what is wrong with me

empty replies; i could never find an answer

not realizing then that nothing was wrong with me

I was just missing a few pieces  to my puzzle

who was she?

who was he?

When I smile is it from him?

Was it she who named me?

why did they deny me these answers

but i could never ask these questions

without hurting thier ego

for they see things differently than I

because they raised me as thier own

the best was they may have seen fit

but never did they ask me

would I like to know

27 years later

they still don't speak of her


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2b2b2 says:

Poignant penning.....I know with this great share you are a powerful spirit....may time give you the answers and continued strength in whatever answers you are blessed to receive...thanks for sharing!

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latin_lover says:

This is very inspirational. Excellent write.

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hymnagen says:

I was very moved by this read. I felt like it took strength to share it

underhiswings7 says:

Loved this, sis! This resonates with me very well.

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