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94's Massacre

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Knees greased, bruised with cuts and scars

Dripping scarlet fluid like a hypodermic needle. . .

slowly the pain spills. . .

Salty tears glistening weary fists tired of fighting.

Struggeling in the struggle. . .drowning in the effort to keep on.

Slowly the pain grows. . .

Burdens of the past ponderous, tipping the Libra scales.

Whose in favour?. . .the question lingers.

The curiosity of society intensifies.

At a burgeoning pace the pain breaks loose.

The joyful laughter of 94's providence enlightens even the saddest of souls.

Bringing hope from the powers being adverse.

Shooting bullets in the air, telling us to disperse.

rubber bullets, rubber hnesty erasing the mighty.

Unjustifiably demoting equality.

Leading us to propriety.

You still hear the cries of defeat the higher power in the midst.

Confusing and contradicting human nature.

Slowly the pain, hand in hand with reality. . .

two-timing the peasants under the autocracy

. . .we living

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underhiswings7 says:

You done preached an entire sermon! Loved every bit of it!

Number3 says:

Thank you. Word Up!

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2b2b2 says:

Powerful Scribe....ONE

Number3 says:

thank you as always 2b2b2, Word Up!

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