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A Night Out

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Spiked punches crowd these long lines and besides rants, it gives you tolerance belligerence and incoherence 

Hella metaphors on one pedestal until the foundation breaks from the overbearing works of man 

Karaoke spat from the writer within only the stage might produce stage fright and the liquid courage is not courageous at all

Brushfire from an archaic battle between sheets of trees and its lead containing counterpart mixed with the debris of Kool stirs the vibe

Bottle service bar tender!

But we only got shots of emotion, some watered down, some potent 

Table of contents, glass of punch like its prom night, broken stools from the bar fight, got booze for the stage fright, pencil and paper to spark the trees right, bottle after bottle to end an emotional night



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hymnagen says:

Tight spit

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G.Moore says:

Preciate that brother

Wize Dom says:

we only got shots of emotion, some watered down, some potent, This is the gem to this dope piece.

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2b2b2 says:

Excellent Work....very, very nice......ONE

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