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"Pay Attention" by Zakey

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"Pay Attention" by Zakey Don't just listen to the "MUSIC" Pay attention to the message. Its the ignorant that has kept the intelligent arrested. What happened to the days when I could listen to the radio and not think twice about keeping my aux cable close. "Hot 9-7. Everyday that's my word", Turned into the same songs in rotation that I just heard. No I'm not hating on the artists in the DJ's that put in work. But I'm not tryna get "Turnt up" on my way to Church! I need to hear some real music that'll inspire me. Some rappers now a day should just be fired B Cuz they suck at they jobs and need to be reported This is Hip Hop customs only and y'all gettin deported Y'all sending out the wrong messages to the world. The listeners are little boys and the little girls. The Radio, I can't even listen wit my mom. I'm disappointed at the rap game word is bond.

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catmartan says:

Tight flow !

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