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808's & Heartbreak

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The darkness awaits
“Welcome To Heartbreak”
Where my lonely heart aches
to the harsh drums of distant 808's
The music that allows myself to escape
from the agonizing reality
that a broken soul can no longer take
After having to leave
before we could come forth and cut the cake
“The Coldest Winter”
Spent in depressing shadows
receiving way too much of this “Bad News”
A "Heartless" man
hoping that you'll be coming back home soon
Words I can only pretend
Saying goodbye my friend
When I really want you to please “Say You Will”
because I still
fantasize about the coming day you will
Love kills
Miss doctor evil
I'm so afraid to lose
Emotionally sick
That's why I continue
to keep my “Love Lockdown”
because it's “Amazing” how I'm so “Paranoid”
That I “See You In My Nightmares”
running from this constant cycle
that neither of us could seem to somehow avoid
“Robocop” nights
Watching my L.A. girl
walk away from underneath the “Street Lights”
fading on a “Pinocchio Story”
The real life
I realize that I can only standby, witness and worry
Now that everyone knows
about this book we had to close
Where tears end chapters
Falling on withered pages
that can bear no sequel after
My Love
My Joy
My Laughter
We were once a beautiful fairy tale
but unfortunately for us
What is now
is just another night we listen to this loveless farewell

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