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( A Motherless Child )

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The child quietly lays in peace ~ smitten by his Mother's Love inside his dreams ~ a vision arrives slowly ~ lightens up the scene ~ cradles him with its voices ~ with lullabies to sing ~ the Guardian Angels gathering ~ to protect him with their wings ~ as he naps between the fears ~ numbing all the emptiness ~ saddened eyes emerged in tears ~ the Motherless child whispers softly ~ In the coldness of the Earth ~ whose Mother comforts him ~ from beneath the dirt ~ his tears plunging away ~ with billows of hurt ~ there lies a Motherless child ~

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2b2b2 says:

Wow....Deep and Well Captured Share.....thanks catmartan!

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hymnagen says:

catmartan, you are indeed a poet. I love this piece!

mlowe5 says:

Powerfully deep, catmartan. Why?....

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