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" If I didn't know"

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If I didn't know 

would it matter 

would pain really hurt 

If I didn't know laughter 

would I be afraid of darkness 

If I had never seen the light 

and the horizontal peak 

that glimmers in my sight 

If I didn't know the rain 

and the wetness that it bring 

the melody in music 

when I sing 

what would it really mean 

If I didn't hear 

the first breath of 

a newborn babe 

see ripples in the ocean waves 

difference between night and day 

would everything be okay 

If I didn't know 

the sensation in a kiss 

or smell the aroma of the finest dish 

what would I have missed 

If I didn't know

how to distinguish between 

love and hate , what is poor or great 

would this have been a big mistake 

If I didn't know 

could I appreciate optimum health 

If I didn't know how sickness felt 

and be surrounded by 

love ones and friends 

or to be lonely in this enormous world 

all by myself 

I am glad that I know 

and I feel privileged to except 

all that I do know 

to the deepness of its depths

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hymnagen says:

I think we can all stand to learn how not to take so much for granted. Great write

after vision says:

when we stop to smell the coffee and drink of the flowers - we learn what happiness is made from

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Ladypoet45 says:

Knowledge is power. Catmartan, you have captured the very essence of it in this write. I appreciate you sharing this. Keep the ink flowing.

JustOneStoryTeller says:

Nice write it's always good to slow down and smell the roses and see what's around us I think you captured your sentiment very well

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