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IT WAS LONG THICK AND BLACK HARD AND SWIFT Mesmerized by it's beauty Now theirs no turning back All in his pants She grips it with two hands She feels it pulsating against her fingertips Imagining it between her lips Curiosity consumes her as she gives it a taste He start to push it all in her face Wanting to the win the prize Her eyes start to water from his size its overwhelming... but she tries not to gag He smirk and smiles and remembers when she used to brag He position her down on her back In between her thighs he gives it a lil smack Kisses upon her neck and navel Pushing her legs back She grabs a hold to the table He whispers softly I wanna go deep but he tease her and gives her just a peep Slowly giving her inch after inch Every inch he stroke She gasp from each and every poke 11 inches all in her guts holding back trying not to bust All in her soul mindless and insane Her temple shivers her body quivers LORD knows she must be living in vain 11 inches covered in shame

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2b2b2 says:

EXCELLENT....well done....thanks for sharing!

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